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Amanda Lawrence is known to be quite a record breaker, so her expectations for the 2024 IPF Sheffield Powerlifting Championships were extremely high. Luckily, she managed to fulfill her goals, having set two new raw U84KG IPF World Records in the Squat and Total events.

Being the first event of the competition, the squat turned out to be quite successful for Amanda Lawrence. She opened up with a 235-kilogram (518.1-pound) lift, but it was clear that she had a lot more in the tank. So, Amanda decided to make a huge jump for her second attempt and thus loaded 249.5 kilograms (550 pounds) on the barbell. She successfully completed this lift, which meant that she officially set a new U84KG IPF World Record.

Amanda Lawrence did attempt to further improve it by 3.5 kilograms (7.7 pounds) on her final attempt, but it proved to be slightly over her capabilities on the day.

Amanda Lawrence held the old record as well, which stood at 249 kilograms (549 pounds) from her appearance at the 2023 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships. So, having exceeded the mark, Amanda was awarded with £5,000.

Watch the lift here:

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Amanda Lawrence’s Full Performance

Amanda Lawrence weighed in at 83.5 kilograms (184 pounds) for the 2024 IPF Sheffield Powerlifting Championships. So, she was the only representative of her weight class at the competition, proving how much better she is than any of her rivals.

Amanda was performing extremely well throughout the entire competition, but she still ended up with two failed attempts out of nine. Well, while her squat fail did not cost her anything, her other unsuccessful attempt, which happened during the deadlift event, would have secured yet another record for her.


  • 235 kilograms (518.1 pounds)
  • 249.5 kilograms (550 pounds) — U84KG IPF World Record
  • Unsuccessful — 253 kilograms (557.7 pounds)

Bench Press

  • 122 kilograms (270 pounds)
  • 130 kilograms (286.6 pounds)
  • 135 kilograms (297.6 pounds)


  • 242.5 kilograms (534.6 pounds)
  • 262.5 kilograms (578.7 pounds)
  • Unsuccessful — 269 kilograms (593 pounds)

Total — 647 kilograms (1,426.4 pounds) — U84KG IPF World Record

*Amanda Lawrence held the previous u84KG Total IPF World Record. It stood at 645 kilograms (1,422 pounds), which Amanda accumulated during her appearance at the 2023 IPF Sheffield Powerlifting Championships.

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Amanda Lawrence’s Competition History

Personal Bests

Equip Squat Bench Deadlift Total Dots
Raw 564.4 292.1 564.4 1424.2 595.53

Competition Results

Place Fed Date Competition Division Total Dots
1 IPF 2023-06-11 World Classic Powerlifting Championships Open 1403.2 586.84
4 IPF 2023-03-25 Sheffield Powerlifting Championships Open 1422 595.53
1 IPF 2022-06-06 World Classic Powerlifting Championships Open 1355.8 568.16
1 AMP 2022-04-01 Classic Open Nationals Presented by SBD FR-O 1379 576.18
1 IPF 2021-09-23 World Classic Powerlifting Championships Open 1403.2 588.15
1 USAPL 2021-06-14 Raw Nationals FR-O 1377.9 576.87
1 USAPL 2020-11-21 Gainsgiving Open FR-O 1424.2 595.43
1 USAPL 2019-10-16 Raw Nationals FR-Jr 1351.4 565.95
1 USAPL 2019-10-16 Raw Nationals FR-O 1351.4 565.95
1 IPF 2019-06-04 World Classic Powerlifting Championships Open 1351.4 567.13
3 USAPL 2019-03-03 Arnold Pro Deadlift F-O 523.6 214.75
1 USAPL 2019-03-02 Arnold SBD Grand Prix FR-O 1314 549.66
2 USAPL 2018-10-11 Raw Nationals FR-Jr 1302.9 546.3
2 USAPL 2018-10-11 Raw Nationals FR-O 1302.9 546.3
1 USAPL 2018-06-16 Med City Raw Open FR-Jr 1218.1 510.42
1 USAPL 2018-03-02 The Arnold A7 Bar Grip Pro Raw Challenge FR-O 1162.9 490.69
1 USAPL 2018-01-20 MN Womens State Championship FR-Jr 1107.8 467.21
2 USAPL 2017-10-10 Raw National Championships FR-Jr 1068.1 451.6
4 USAPL 2017-10-10 Raw National Championships FR-O 1068.1 451.6
1 USAPL 2017-06-10 Twin Ports Raw Open FR-Jr 1063.7 434.55
1 USAPL 2017-02-18 Minnesota Womens State Championship FR-T3 992.1 411.31
1 USAPL 2016-08-20 Twin Cities Open FR-T3 937 391.29
1 USAPL 2016-06-11 Twin Ports Raw Open FR-O 876.3 375.25

Data Source: Open Powerlifting. Last Updated: August 17, 2023

Breaking World Records at the IPF Sheffield Powerlifting Championships is becoming sort of a ritual for Amanda Lawrence. During the last year’s edition of the meet she managed to set three records, and almost replicated that achievement this year as well.

Amanda Lawrence’s overall career stats now consist of 24 sanctioned powerlifting appearances and a total of 17 victories. Most notably, Amanda has won four editions of the IPF World Championships (2019, 2021, 2022, 2023), and will most likely look to add a fifth later this year.

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