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Despite still being a Junior athlete due to her age of 21-years-old, Clara Peyraud has already established herself in the Open category among some much older and more experienced powerlifters. Moreover, Clara has made a giant step forward in her career the past weekend, having found success at the 2023 FFForce French Nationals, which took place from September 20-24. She took part in the 69-kilogram weight class, ultimately managing to claim the title and even Unofficially breaking one IPF Junior World Record. This incredible feat of strength came in the deadlift event, where Clara pulled 230.5 kilograms (508.2 pounds).

Clara Peyraud had a very rocky start to the competition, more so in the bench press event, but everything changed when she came out to perform the deadlifts. This was clear from the ease with which Clara locked out her first pull of 212.5 kilograms (468.5 pounds). So, she quickly loaded 10 kilograms (22 pounds) more on her second attempt, crushed it once again, and set her sights on the third and final one.

Clara Peyraud came out for her third attempt with some chalk on her hands and got into a sumo stance after a few deep breaths. She then grabbed the barbell with a hook grip and started pulling 230.5 kilograms (508.2 pounds) with nothing but a lifting belt to aid her. Displaying no struggle throughout the lift, Clara was aware that this was a great lift. So, her celebration started even before she fully locked it out.

Obviously, being as dominant as she is, Clara Peyraud also holds the official IPF Junior World Record Deadlift. It currently stands at 227.5 kilograms (501.6 pounds), which is exactly 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) lighter than her recent pull at the 2023 FFForce French Nationals.

Watch the lift here:

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Clara Peyraud’s Full Performance

Although it came out to be very successful, Clara Peyraud’s performance was far from what she envisioned prior to the competition. She missed three of her nine attempts overall. One of them was the third squat attempt, which would have been a new competition PR for her.

On the other hand, she missed her first two bench press attempts. So it was a necessity for her to successfully complete her third one in order to avoid disqualification. Clara prevailed under pressure and then went on to unofficially break the IPF Junior World Record Deadlift.

Despite all of the struggles she encountered during the 2023 FFForce French Nationals, Clara Peyraud still won the title by a convincing margin. Her Total of 528 kilograms (1,164 pounds) was 35.5 kilograms (78.3 pounds) heavier than the Total of Le Bras Pauline, who finished in second place.


  • 175 kilograms (385.8 pounds)
  • 182.5 kilograms (402.3 pounds)
  • Unsuccessful — 187.5 kilograms (413.4 pounds)

Bench Press

  • Unsuccessful — 115 kilograms (253.5 pounds)
  • Unsuccessful — 115 kilograms (253.5 pounds)
  • 115 kilograms (253.5 pounds)


  • 212.5 kilograms (468.5 pounds)
  • 222.5 kilograms (490.5 pounds)
  • 230.5 kilograms (508.2 pounds) — U69KG Unofficial IPF Junior World Record & French Open Record

Total — 528 kilograms (1,164 pounds)

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Clara Peyraud’s Competition History

Personal Bests

Equip Squat Bench Deadlift Total Dots
Raw 402.3 264.6 402.3 1168.4 541

Competition Results

Place Fed Date Competition Division Total Dots
3 IPF 2023-06-11 World Classic Powerlifting Championships Open 1168.4 541
1 EPF 2022-11-25 European Classic Powerlifting Championships Juniors 1125.5 521.61
1 IPF 2022-08-31 World Junior Classic Powerlifting Championships Juniors 1096.8 509.3
4 IPF 2022-06-06 World Classic Powerlifting Championships Open 1107.8 514.2
1 FFForce 2022-03-19 Championnats de France Élite de Force Athlétique Open 1103.4 506.5
1 EPF 2021-12-03 European Classic Powerlifting Championships Juniors 1068.1 497.45
2 IPF 2021-09-23 World Classic Powerlifting Championships Juniors 1061.5 496.5
1 EPF 2021-08-26 European University Powerlifting Cup Open 1053.8 488.2
1 FFForce 2021-07-24 Championnats de France de Développé Couché Open 232.6 106.62
2 FFForce 2021-07-16 Championnats de France Jeunes et Élite de Force Athlétique Open 1091.3 505.9
3 FFForce 2021-02-13 Test Match Eleiko Juniors 986.6 459.26
3 FFForce 2020-02-01 Eliminatoires Jean Villenave LAURAF Jeunes 440.9 202.74
1 FFForce 2020-01-11 Challenge dHiver DC BP LAURAF Sub-Juniors 215 98.72
1 EPF 2019-11-29 European Classic Championships Sub-Juniors 1008.6 462.65
2 EPF 2019-08-07 European Classic Bench Press Championships Sub-Juniors 203.9 92.68
1 IPF 2019-06-04 World Classic Powerlifting Championships Sub-Juniors 920.4 420.86
1 FFForce 2019-06-01 Championnats de France Développé Couché Sub-Juniors 203.9 92.94
1 FFForce 2019-04-06 Championnats de France Force Athlétique Cadets Sub-Juniors Sub-Juniors 903.9 417.96
1 FFForce 2018-12-15 Régional DC BP LAURAF Sub-Juniors 187.4 87.31
1 FFForce 2018-11-10 Départemental FA PL LAURAF Sub-Juniors 766.1 356.94
1 FFForce 2018-10-20 Premier Pas DC BP LAURAF Sub-Juniors 181.9 84.18
1 FFForce 2018-10-13 Premier Pas FA PL LAURAF Sub-Juniors 771.6 361.8
1 FFForce 2018-03-31 Championnats de France Force Athlétique Cadets Cadet 672.4 331.82
1 FFForce 2018-01-13 Challenge dHiver FA PL LAURAF Cadet 628.3 308.32
1 FFForce 2017-11-04 Départemental FA PL LAURAF Cadet 551.2 272.61
1 FFForce 2017-10-07 Premier Pas FA PL DC BP LAURAF Cadet 479.5 239.46

Data Source: Open Powerlifting. Last Updated: August 17, 2023

Clara Peyraud has now logged in her 27th sanctioned powerlifting appearance and her 20th victory. In addition, she now has two French National titles in the Open age class, along with a few more in the Junior and Sub-Junior divisions. However, the key takeaway from her recent performance is undoubtedly the deadlift, as she is quickly improving and looks to become the World’s best deadlifter in the 69-kilogram weight class.

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